The loudest voices in the childhood cancer world are often the parents who have suffered great loss and endured great emotional trauma. We can function brilliantly, but we are damaged individuals. For some of us the damage results in ripples of destruction starting at our very core. Post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, suicide, marital breakdown and substance abuse all seek to become unwanted friends with our grief. All whispering from the shadows and promising an escape from the apocalypse threatening to engulf us. Most of us see the potential for such destruction and build walls, trapdoors, canopies, umbrellas, helicopters, invisibility capes, magic wands, fairy dust and potions to protect ourselves and those we love. Sometimes unsuccessfully.

We may be damaged, carrying wounds with horrendous scars, but we possess something very powerful that drives or destroys us. All parents have it simmering, but for us it has exploded into a fireball.


Passion to protect, heal and nurture our children. Passion to honour the memories of our lost babies. Passion for our cause. Passion to make a difference for other children and families who are in the cancer world or who are yet to open the doors to an unwanted pathway. Passion for change.

Passion is a reflection however of putting more effort into something than is necessarily required to achieve a result. Without it though there is less satisfaction and success is unlikely. Some of us become defeated, burnt out and weary. Some of us walk away as that is the only way to survive. Something which is inevitable because the light reflecting on the facets of our lives is constantly changing. We are drawn towards the colours that reward us most. The colours that drive our passion. Whatever they may be.

This is where you help. We cannot fight alone. Being a shoulder to lean on. Being bearers of ideas and wisdom. You inspire us to think with your opinions and reflections. You inspire us to try. Knowing your voice will bring volume to ours. Knowing we can make a difference together.  

We all bring fuel to the passion for change in the childhood cancer world.

Thank you for having the courage to not turn away and choosing to fight by our side.