How Can You Help?

  • Support efforts to increase federally-funded research for childhood cancer and encourage community fundraising by contacting your MP voicing your concerns, and sharing your story.
  • Help educate parliamentarians and community on the need for policies which acknowledge the unique requirements of children which in turn help to establish the need for increased funding.
  • Engage with pharmaceutical companies to show the human aspect of supporting new treatments. 
  • Empower parents and community to speak out and demand better treatments for children fighting cancer today and in the future.


Tell your story via social media, traditional media and blogging. Digital technology allows voices to be heard and struggles to be shared. Engage directly with research institutions. Connecting emotionally with others at the grassroots level is where social change begins.

gold ribbon for logo.jpg

GO gold for childhood and adolescent cancer

The international symbol for childhood cancer is the gold ribbon. This colour and all it represents is an easy way to create unity. More so if everybody knows its meaning: the strength and bravery of every childhood cancer patient and family, and the ongoing efforts of researchers to improve survival rates and implement new treatments with fewer side effects to replace the decades-old treatments currently being used. Have fun creating your own 'twibbon' campaign to support childhood cancer awareness, or holding a 'Go Gold' event within your community. Let your imagination fly free!


contact your politicians

If we don't let our politicians know we are unhappy with the current treatments for our children then nothing will change. Most are completely unaware of the trauma and suffering our children endure. They have the power to help. Click on the link below for a letter you can customise and forward to your ministerial representatives to request action. Use snail mail rather than email. Find your electorate's representatives HERE.